About RyJack

Sports are not just a game.  They are not just for the athletes and the talented.  Sports are a way of life.  They give us inspiration.  They give us something to talk about, something to cheer for, something to plan our life around.  Sports deliver emotions that many things cannot.  I for one exactly know what they can do.

My name is Ryan Jackson and my daily routine begins something like this: I wake up, download some of my favorite podcasts (numerous ESPN affiliated programs), turn on the television and watch Sportscenter.  I go to class, go to the library, and start to write about sports.  I check up on Vegas odds for the games that night, and then proceed to do my homework.  I go home and watch sports, play video games about sports, and fall asleep listening to sports.  Some days I even have intramural games (yes, I even still play sports…kind of).

Saturdays and Sundays in the fall are spent all day on the couch watching football.  The winter and spring give me hockey and basketball .  March is, well, March Madness.  Summers are for baseball and golf.  See, sports are not just a game.  They are my life.  From January to December, from morning to evening, I am always involved with sports.

So I started this blog, and I hope to entertain my readers with my opinions an predictions, along with in depth fantasy football advice once the NFL is back.  Thanks for reading!