NBA on DraftKings 3/21/16

Running out of time here, so I couldn’t write up everyone right now.  Working on it…



My favorite play:

Derrick Rose, $5,800- Rose isn’t the player he used to be, and this isn’t breaking news to any extent, but let’s not forget that he can still produce good numbers.  He gets a great matchup against a Kings team that’s coming playing their 2nd game in as many nights on the road, and Rose put up 41 fantasy points his last time out against them.  His minutes have been a little low recently (just under 30), but at this cheap of a price, he should pay off easily.


Top options:

Steph Curry, $10,300- Forget about his last game against the Spurs because, well, it’s the Spurs.  Steph is underpriced here and he gets a great matchup against Minnesota.  I hope people haven’t forgotten about what this guy can do any given night…well I hope they have, because he will be in some of my lineups.

Isaiah Thomas, $7,600- The Celtics are fighting for the 3 seed in the East right now, and they will be relying on their top scorer from here on out to carry them there.  Orlando is a little banged up right now, and Thomas has that high ceiling you look for at this price tag.

Brandon Knight, $7,100- Knight is back healthy and getting plenty of run, and just like Thomas, he has that immense upside.  Memphis is also banged up, so you can see the Suns keeping this close.

Ricky Rubio, $6,800- He won’t light up the score sheet, but Rubio has the potential to put up 15+ assists, and Golden State tends to let the PG thrive on the offensive side of the ball.  Rubio will return value with assists and steals.  He’s a solid play.

Darren Collison, $5,200- Much cheaper than Rondo, Collison offers less upside and more of a floor than his teammate in the backcourt.  He’s starting at the 2 right now, and he’s averaging 27.5 fantasy points in his last 6 games, so he’s a safe option

George Hill, $4,800- Risky play, but he’s cheap.  GPP.

DJ Augustin, $4,700- He’s coming off the bench, but with a great matchup against the Cavs, Augsutin should be able to make it 4 straight games with at least 30 fantasy points.

Marcus Smart, $4,300- Averaging almost 36 fantasy points in 2 games versus the Magic, Smart is a smart play (ouch, the puns!) tonight.

Cheap option:

Ray McCallum, $3,200- Could be the top punt play on the night if he starts.  He’s been getting plenty of minutes recently, and at this price, it’s all you could ever dream of.



My favorite play:

Evan Turner, $5,500- He scares me due to the fact he won’t shoot the ball as much as you would hope, but Turner is currently starting at the 3 for Boston and if he continues to get good minutes, this price tag is too cheap.

Top options:

Jimmy Butler, $7,700- He’s not entirely back from his injury it seems, but one night this guy will put up a huge game, and if you can afford him, it’s worth a risk tonight.

Nicolas Batum, $7,000- Playing people against the Spurs is always a tough decision, and it’s usually one you will regret, but Batum is averaging 43 fantasy points in his last 6 games, and you would expect him to get heavy minutes as the Hornets try to keep things close in a tough matchup at home.

Zach LaVine, $6,100- I have been playing this guy multiple times the last few weeks, and for good reason.  He’s getting plenty of minutes, and is more often than not giving you 30+ fantasy points.

Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, $5,800- He’s quietly soaking up huge minutes for the Pistons, and he’s been very efficient with his scoring chances.  A cheaper play that is similar to LaVine.

Hollis Thompson, $4,400- Not sexy, but he’s playing well recently.  Have to throw his name out there, but expect a decline soon.

Cheap options:

Vince Carter, $4,000- Memphis is banged up, but Carter is back, and he gets the defending front court in the league.  I could see Carter being in the winning lineups for GPPs tonight.

Garret Temple, $3,600- IF Beal sits out, Temple should get the start.



My favorite play:

Paul George, 8,600-

Top options:

LeBron James, $9,200-

Lance Stephenson, $6,500-

Matt Barnes, $5,800-

Otto Porter, $4,900-

Harrison Barnes, $4,200-

Cheap options:

Stanley Johnson, $4,000-

Marcus Thorton, $3,000-



My favorite play:

Zach Randolph, $6,700-

Top options:

DeMarcus Cousins, $10,400-

Paul Millsap, $8,200-

Draymond Green, $7,800-

Taj Gibson, $5,300-

Cheap options:

Amir Johnson, $4,000-

Nene Hilario, $3,900-

Channing Frye, $3,600-



My favorite play:

Andre Drummond, $7,600-

Top options:

Alex Len, 6,400-

Greg Monroe, $5,600-

Tyson Chandler, $5,000-

Cheap option:

Mo Speights, $3,900-

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