2/19/16 NBA DraftKings Picks

In a massive 14-game slate to begin the 2nd half of the season, creating a lineup with so many option may seem impossible.  I went ahead and saved any of you the time of breaking each match down and I’ll give you some of my favorite players to target tonight in both cash and GPPs.



1. Damian Lillard, $9,200- With so many great PGs on the slate, Lillard might get overshadowed.  Lillard scored 69.8 fantasy points last time out against the Warriors, and you can chalk that up to not only the high pace Golden State plays at, but the fact that Lillard is a fierce competitor.  His usage rate is one of the highest in the league, so watch him eat tonight.  GPP or cash.

2. Emmanuel Mudiay, $5,800- The rookie out of SMU is starting to get pretty much all of the minutes there can be for a PG, and with Randy Foye out of Denver, Mudiay’s minutes can only increase.  Oh, he’s playing against the defenseless Kings?  Lock him in all cash games.

3. Michael-Carter Williams, $6,000- If Jerryd Bayless is inactive, MCW moves into the starting role, and he is almost guaranteed 30+ minutes.  Jason Kidd has been hard to predict lately, but take advantage when you can read his hand.



1. Nicolas Batum, $7,400- Lock of the night.  Play him in cash. Play him in GPPs.  Play him in your NHL lineups if you find a way.  I will have 100% exposure to this guy tonight, and take this price tag before it climbs to end the year.

2. Will Barton, $5,500- It’s a risky play because of the unpredictable minutes, but I’m targeting Nuggets tonight and Barton has a high ceiling.  GPP play only in my eyes.



1. Danilo Gallinari, $6,900- He was one of my other locks of the night, until I noticed the trends that Gallinari can really disappoint you even in ideal match-ups (like tonight’s).  With that in mind, the Kings are getting toasted from 3 as of late (and all season, but even worse as of late), and this is the guy on the Nuggets that will shoot from beyond the arc.  I love him here, but watch out for a relative egg.

2. Matt Barnes, $5,000- Haven’t heard much talk about Barnes around the daily fantasy community recently, but I kind of like him now that Memphis doesn’t really have much of a roster.  Somebody has to go out there, and Barnes can play multiple positions.  Kind of worried about this pick, though.

3. Justise Winslow, $4,200- Like Barnes, Winslow is kind of forced to be played with the current health of their teams’ respective rosters.  Winslow can also play multiple positions, and he also doesn’t seem to be a reliable scorer, making this a scary pick.



1. Zach Randolph, $7,100- With Gasol out for the remainder of the season, Randolph is going to be the focal point in the front court.  That means many more offensive touches.  That means get him in your lineup.

2. Amar’e Stoudemire, $4,200- Whiteside is suspended, Bosh is out indefinitely, and yet still I find it sketchy playing this guy.  He will be fine, I’m sure of it, but don’t get your hopes up.

3. Amir Johnson, $4,200- Olynyk is out for a little, so this opens the door for Johnson to get back into the groove he was in a month ago when we could play him in daily.  Once again, this is a risky play.


1. Karl-Anthony Towns, $8,500- Future rookie of the year, Towns’ price tag keeps climbing, and I keep playing him.  He is money.  And he will make you some.

2. Jahlil Okafor, $6,400- I liked this pick a lot more before Noel was cleared to play, but regardless, he’s still a fine guy to invest in at this price tag.

3. Nikola Jokic, $5,800- So risky.  GPP only, people.  I’m targeting Nuggets, and Jokic is a guy with 40+ point upside, but a floor of pretty much 10.




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