2015 fantasy football WR rankings; rest of season


Here’s my wide receiver rankings going forward…points per reception…

1. Julio Jones- The only option in Atlanta with Roddy White’s decline.  Julio decided to take pretty much all of White’s stats and add them to his.

2. Demaryius Thomas- Much of his production comes from screen plays and quick slants.  Even with Manning’s decline, Thomas stay atop the rankings.

3. Antonio Brown- Losing Big Ben is huge, but Brown will be okay while he waits for his QB to return.  He’s the best wide receiver once he’s back.

4. Odell Beckham Jr.- His 2014 production couldn’t possibly have continued, but so far OBJ hasn’t lived up to expectations.  I don’t see that continuing.

5. Randall Cobb- Aaron Rodgers’ favorite target.  He’s money every week.

6. DeAndre Hopkins- Imagine if he had an NFL quarterback throwing to him.  Hopkins is one of the most talented receivers in the league, and he’s looking like he will break the targets record in any given year.

7. AJ Green- He belongs in this top tier of wide receivers even though he will have the least amount of receptions considerably.  He’s one of the best big play threats in the league.

8. Julian Edelman- Knocking on the door to be in the top class at the position, Edelman is the Randall Cobb in New England.  If he can outperform is TD projections, he’s going to rival these top 7 guys.

9. Keenan Allen- Looking like the rookie Keenan Allen so far, he’s a high volume receiver with a great quarterback throwing to him.

10. Calvin Johnson- Not the same guy he used to be, but don’t drop him too far down the rankings.  The touchdowns will come.

11. Larry Fitzgerald- Fantasy zombie.  Fitzgerald looks healthy and is playing out of the slot.  While Palmer is healthy, Fitzgerald will continue to be a great play.

12. Emmanuel Sanders- He’s not Demaryius, but he still get plenty of looks every week in a pass happy offense.

13. Jarvis Landry- The only guy in Miami producing.  Even with his team looking miserable, he’s been a great option.  Things can only improve.

14. Alshon Jeffery- If he returns healthy in a week or two, Jeffery most likely will be a top 10 wide receiver.  Do you trust he can stay healthy?

15. Jordan Matthews- Clearly the #1 option for the Eagles, so when the offense figures it out, he will reach his potential.

16. Brandon Marshall- Marshall does not care who is throwing the ball.  He’s going to go get it.  Everyone slept on one of the most talented receivers in the league.

17. Amari Cooper- Clearly his game is polished and ready for the NFL game, but can the Raiders offense keep him as a top fantasy option?  Sure, why not?

18. Allen Robinson- Target monster with talent many aren’t aware of.  Don’t sleep on this guy.

19. Donte Moncrief- The future in Indianapolis, Moncrief has the size and athleticism to be Luck’s #1 target.

20.  Mike Evans- All of the potential to be a WR1, but the offense is slowed down by inconsistent quarterback play.

21. TY Hilton- Comes across like a DeSean Jackson type, Hilton is a big play receiver that will put up some poor performances here and there.  He’s not the receiver some thought he could be.

22. Brandin Cooks– Speaking of not being the receiver we thought he could be, Cooks doesn’t seem ready to assume the #1 receiver role in New Orleans.

23. Jeremy Maclin- He broke the TD-less streak for wide receivers in Kansas City, and he’s actually looked good the last two weeks.  The targets will be there, but the upside is limited in a conservative offense.

24. Pierre Garcon- His 2014 season dropped his stock pretty low, but what he’s doing so far this season is the guy we expected.

25. Kendall Wright- Similar story as Garcon.

26. James Jones- Aaron Rodgers’ is his best friend.  Bold statement.

27. Steve Smith– He was looking like the guy that proved everybody wrong in 2014 this season, but this recent injury hurts his value.  Let’s see if he can bounce back.

28. Vincent Jackson- Like Evans, Jackson is limited by his quarterback.  The problem? He’s not consistent, and never has been throughout his career.

29. Martavis Bryant– He comes back from suspension, only to return without Big Ben.  He’s going to be a solid option once the offense is healthy, but temper expectations out of the gate.

30. Eric Decker– Unlike Marshall, Decker relies more on solid quarterback play to be a productive player.  When Fitzpatrick regresses to the mean, Decker’s value will decline as well.  He still will hold value, however.

31. Golden Tate- He’s stuck in a dysfunctional offense, and it’s killing his stats.

32. John Brown- Maybe his hype got out of control a bit in the offseason, but Brown is still a deep threat in a great offense.

33. Mike Wallace– The #1 option in Minnesota.  If Bridgewater can improve on his slow start, Wallace will be the big beneficiary.

34. Nelson Agholor– Slow start for the rookie, but he’s playing most of the snaps and good things are to come.  Patience.

35. Dez Bryant- Don’t forget about him.  If you can afford it, get him on your roster.

36. Anquan Boldin- He appears to be worthy of a waiver spot, but this guy is highly consistent even if he’s not in his prime.  Improvements will come.

37. Eddie Royal-  With Cutler healthy, Royal will be serviceable.

38. Allen Hurns– he’s putting up stats.  Buy in.

39. Michael Crabtree– same thing.

40. Davante Adams- Worth holding onto as he recovers from injury.

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