2015 fantasy football RB rankings; rest of season

Here’s my 2015 RB rankings going forward…points per reception…

1. Le’Veon Bell- Did you forget what Bell did last year?  He’s the best fantasy player  in 2015.  Nothing’s changed.

2. Jamaal Charles- Not a bad option if you didn’t draft Bell.

3. Adrian Peterson- Yeah, he’s still good.

4. Matt Forte- If Forte stays in Chicago, he stays a top 5 option.  Many think he is on the trading block, thus his fantasy value could rise.  If Forte leaves Chicago, who knows what his fantasy value would be.  You want him staying here considering his value is already amazing.

5. Arian Foster- As risky as it can be, Foster is a guy you want to own in any league you can.  DeAndre Hopkins and Foster are the two highly talented players on a really poor offense, so don’t expect him to lose touches to anyone.

6. Eddie Lacy- Sexy?  No.  A threat for huge games?  No.  Lacy offers consistency in one of the best offenses in the league.  Highly valuable at a hectic position.

7. Mark Ingram- Imagine a world where Mark Ingram’s fantasy value is based off his ability to catch the ball…we are living in it.

8. Marshawn Lynch- Dropping down the rankings quite quickly, Lynch is hurt and playing behind a very poor offensive line.  There is plenty of reason to panic.

9. Todd Gurley- Oh boy.  Go watch this guy versus the Cardinals last week.  That’s not a cheese cake rushing defense.  Gurley is the future.  You missed your chance getting this guy on the cheap.

10. Latavius Murray- We all knew Murray was a highly talented running back, and the hot start to 2015 has been promising.

11. Devonta Freeman- Six TDs in two weeks obviously can’t continue, but OC Kyle Shanahan has proven to make his offenses find rushing production anywhere he goes.  Freeman’s fantasy value is legit.

12. Dion Lewis- Just signed a two year extension.  He keeps fumbling, which usually puts guys on the bench in New England, but Lewis has remained on the field.  This could be the guy that wins people fantasy leagues.

13. Chris Ivory- No receptions?  No problem.  When he’s on the field, the Jets are handing the ball to Ivory.  He’s a beast.  Marshawn Lynch clone.

14. Justin Forsett- Last week’s 150 rushing yards was great to see, but the involvement in the passing game has yet to come.  Tread lightly when putting trust in Forsett.

15. Jeremy Hill- His 2015 campaign has been bailed out by a number of goal line touchdowns, but don’t expect that to continue at such a high volume.  The plus side is that Hill is a highly talented running back that will eventually see his touches increase.

16. DeMarco Murray- Disappointing start to the year, but at least we have seen Murray be involved in the passing game.  Don’t give up on this guy.  Chip Kelly will make this work shortly.

17. Frank Gore- No competition in Indi, and he still looks to have athleticism.  The problem is Andrew Luck is a high volume passer, so the upside is limited.

18. LeSean McCoy- Can’t stay healthy, but if he ever can be, he’s going to produce.

19. Giovani Bernard- Bernard is proof that you don’t need the lead role to be a great fantasy running back.

20. Danny Woodhead- Keep riding this production until we see otherwise.  The Chargers love what Woodhead brings to this offense.

21. Carlos Hyde- So talented, but is not a factor in the passing game on a team that keeps finding itself down early.

22. Andre Ellington- The 3rd down back roll has been tagged on Ellington before, but his talent eventually cannot be limited.  Health is a concern, but Ellington could take back his role in this offense and receive around 15-18 touches per game.

23. Chris Johnson- Hedge.  Has looked great, and he has been named the starter even with Ellington coming back from injury.

24. Joseph Randle- So far has been the lead back in Dallas, but does it continue?

25. Lamar Miller- The coaching change can only help.  Not running the ball hasn’t worked for Miami.  Expect them to at least try going forward.

26. Jonathan Stewart- Good things to come if he can stay healthy.  Stewart has proven to be productive with Cam Newton.  The problem?  Red zone touches probably will be limited.

27. CJ Anderson- Perhaps the worst hit in value so far in fantasy football.  Anderson hasn’t stayed healthy, and the Broncos offense is clearly not what it used to be.

28. TJ Yeldon- Not highly talented, but a solid running back that is getting all of the work.

29. Ameer Abdullah- He won the starting role in Detroit, but the Lions have looked very poor to start the year.  If they get rolling, Abdullah will rise in the rankings.

30. Doug Martin- Getting all of the touches on the early downs, but be aware that Charles Sims is starting to eat into his receiving opportunities.

31. Karlos Williams- A touchdown in every game of his young career.  A top 12 option when McCoy isn’t active.

32. Ronnie Hillman- On the rise as Hillman’s game fits this offense better, but even if he takes over the lead role, this Denver offensive line is not one to trust.

33. Alfred Morris- Meh.  PPR formats kill Alf.

34. Tevin Coleman- Freeman’s hot start while Coleman was hurt has really put a dent on his potential.  He’s worth holding onto just in case, though.

35. Melvin Gordon- The rookie hype hasn’t worked out.  Gordon’s stock has dropped as Woodhead is getting the fantasy points.

36. Duke Johnson- Intriguing receiving back in Cleveland.  The issue here?  “…in Cleveland”.

37. Matt Jones- Has the talent, but we are waiting for some consistent production

38. LeGarrette Blount- Why would the Patriots get away from the pass-happy offense?  Blount will have his games, but it will be hard to predict his involvement week to week.

39. Darren Sproles- Is involved in the offense, but strictly a bye week flex play.

40. Rashad Jennings- The only Giants running back to trust in your lineup.

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