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Predictions have become if not one one of the most obsessive parts of sports, then surely they have become one of the most copycat, cliche parts of sports.  There is a finite amount of options you can choose from, and rarely you see experts stray from the norms.

These final two weeks of the NBA and NHL season will give us 2 champions, and from what I’ve noticed from sports talk across the country the predictions seem to be repetitive.  To criticize somebody for their selection is silly, though, since we have no idea how things will play out and if you are picking the favorite and are right, then everyone else that tried to be ‘daring’ was wrong.

Everyone forgets the person that made the bold prediction that, for example, picked the Bobcats to upset the Heat this year.  Picking the big upset tends to be foolish but won’t hurt your reputation.

Anyways, I see these two series full of ‘kings’.  You have yourself King James looking to add a three-peat to his legacy of the greatest basketball player ever, the kings of the NBA since Tim Duncan joined the league, King Henrik showing one man can be the biggest wall in the world, and, well, the Los Angeles Kings.

It’s time to put the ‘team x wants it more than team y’ cliche to bed.  You really think that’s actually going to matter?  Why would a professional athlete who has made it this far not be 100% focused and determined to win 4 games in these next couple of weeks?  110% is not a real statistic, these players aren’t going to ‘want it more’ than the other.  It’s called talent, teamwork, and match-ups.  Don’t be lazy when making predictions or analyzing the outcomes.


For the NHL Stanley Cup final, I’m looking at a Kings team that has proven their talent over the past couple of year and was able to win three game 7’s over three dominate teams in the Western Conference.  This is no small feat, but I can’t get over the fact that this team is overrated by many.  Look, they are the better team on paper in this series, but a great team doesn’t take 7 games to knock off a team.  Especially all three times.  Also, Jonathan Quick is getting too much credit from his last Stanley Cup run in 2011.  He’s still a very good goalie, but the statistics show he’s not nearly the dominate force he was that year (Regular season: 2011- .929 save % 1.95 GAA  2013- .915 save % 2.07 GAA; Playoffs: 2011- .946 1.41 GAA   2013- .906 save % 2.86 GAA).

The Rangers have looked solid since being down 3 games to 1 against the Penguins, and Henrik Lundqvist has been even more than that.  This guy is the reason why people say a hot goalie can win you a Cup, and I’m expecting that to happen.  When you add him with the top 4 defenseman of the Rangers of Marc Staal, Ryan McDonagh, Dan Girardi, and the surprising Anton Stralman, I see the Rangers being able to slow down the red hot offense in Los Angeles

Rangers in 6 games


For the NBA finals, I’ve seen a lot of lazy predictions.  The Heat will win because Lebron, or the Spurs will win because they remember last year and want it more. Please.  This series is going to come down to the effectiveness of the Heat’s three point shooters, who if they can be efficient then the Spurs won’t be able to focus their defensive attention to Lebron.  You can’t stop Lebron, but only slow him down.  That is going to take a lot of defensive attention, giving the other Heat players a golden opportunity to be the difference makers.

Dwayne Wade has been solid these playoffs, and his health compared to last year is noticeably better.  I know he has become somewhat forgotten over these past two years as his game has declined, but he is still a player that can take over a game.

Yes, the Spurs are a team of chemistry and teamwork, and they continue to amaze critics with their dominance in a superior conference.  I can’t blame you for favoring the team with home court advantage, but the Heat haven’t lost at home yet this postseason, and I don’t see that changing.  There will be a lot of pressure on the Spurs to win the first two games of this series, and I don’t expect the Heat to lose two straight.


Give me the Heat in 6

Ryan Jackson

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