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Calvin Johnson for MVP

When going into fantasy football drafts, owners are preparing by filling out their cheat sheets and overall rankings.  What is the one common theme year to year?  Running backs dominating the first round.  The position is thin, and now-a-days it’s hard to come by even a few that are highly productive and consistent week-to-week.  Even […]

Fantasy Football At Its Worst…

Ahhhh, there is nothing like a win in fantasy football.  You spent all day watching football, closely following your team to see if your players can find the end-zone and suffocate your opponent.  And after Sunday Night Football ends you are ecstatic.  You have a 50 point lead and you are on cloud-9 knowing (for […]

Top 5 Busts Through Week 5

Running Backs 5. Dough Martin- 342 rushing yards and only 1 TD, along with minimal receiving production, Doug Martin’s arguable #2 overall running back argument made at the start of the season is weak now. 4. CJ Spiller-  296 rushing yards and also only 1 TD, and ALSO not receiving, CJ Spiller’s preseason hype is […]

FAQ For Fantasy Football

1.  Why should you start playing fantasy football? Fantasy football has many reasons to start playing.  It’s so easy to begin, with public leagues with strangers to private leagues with your friends.  You can play for free or put money on the line for whoever wins the league.  It’s another way to cheer for players […]