NBA DraftKings 12/26/16

It’s post-Christmas time in the NBA, and I expect that with many of you needing your fantasy fix without the NFL, the NBA will be something you look at going forward.  With over a quarter of the regular season over, we have learned a decent amount each team this year, so let’s take a look […]

2016 NFL future team props; division/wildcard/playoff predicitions with dad

Ahhhh yes, the NFL is back!  As much as I love the legal drama, concussion discussion, and social issues, I’m pretty happy to have the sport back.  For me, betting future odds is not something I will actually be doing this year.  I tie up enough of my capital into fantasy sports and the occasional […]

MLB on DraftKings 6/9/16

The 7 games tonight are all pretty similar, as they all offer mediocre/poor pitching options.  This makes selecting pitchers impossible, and differentiating batters equally as tough.  When I began writing for tonight, I quickly found myself lost for giving you guys distinct options at each and every position.  I don’t know if I’m just not […]